Enrich Life provides shared services support to charitable trusts

Enrich Life, left: Donna Rawlings, general manager. Top-bottom: Mary Anne Gill and Janet Steffert.

Two of New Zealand’s leading disability support organisations have formed a unique company to deliver shared services support to both organisations.

Enrich Life Limited is owned jointly by Waikato-based charitable trusts Enrich+ and Life Unlimited.

Between them, the two organisations hold several Government contracts to deliver services, information and advice throughout New Zealand.
The decision to create Enrich Life was to provide a more cost effective use of funding received as well as improve business continuity for these important functions.

Paul Bennett and John Dobson, who chair Enrich+ and Life Unlimited respectively, said talks between the two organisations started in early 2019.
Board trustees hope to see Enrich Life become a service other not-for-profit organisations could utilise in the future.

Staff from both organisations transferred to the new company and benefit from combining their common activity to achieve improved quality and efficiencies in the delivery of communications, finance and human resources services.

Enrich Life began operations on Monday 11 November 2019. Donna Rawlings, Enrich+ finance executive leader, was appointed Enrich Life general manager. Other members of the executive include Janet Steffert and Mary Anne Gill.

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If you would like any further information please contact Donna Rawlings on donna.rawlings@enrichlife.nz

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